Offlist Walk: Dog Falls (Glen Affric)

13 09 2010
13th September 2010
with Mrs NLW
3.4 miles
Explorer 415 (Glen Affric & Glen Moriston)
Light rain

The forecast was grim: heavy rain and low cloud all day, but when we rose it didn’t look nearly so bad, there was some blue sky over Loch Ness – and so we thought we’d chance our arm and head up to Glen Affric. We had earlier found a leaflet mentioning a number of waymarked walks in the Glen – these were all quite short so we decided to combine two of them (Dog Falls & Coire Loch).

We parked up in the Dog Falls carpark and for the first and only time in our Scottish trip we were beset by midges, fortunately Mrs NLW had come fully prepared with midge repellant, and this more or less did the job. We started the walk by following the river downstream, mainly along the road we drove in on – we are aware of our proximity to the falls as we can hardly hear each other, but it is difficult to get a proper view at this point. We leave the falls and return to the road until 80 yards further on we reached a bridge from which we could look back at the falls. As we cross the bridge we can see finches flitting around catching insects above the river, Mrs NLW has brought some toast (quietly hidden at breakfast) as she’d read that the finches will take food from your hand – but they don’t seem interested at all, perhaps because the rain is getting heavier at this point.

Across the bridge the path rises quickly onto a ridge, and on the far side of the ridge is a vier of Coire Loch below. We walk down to the Loch, skirt around it before joining a track on the far side which works its way up to a wider access road. We follow this as it rises gently but unceasingly for a mile or so, the rain continues but we are fortunate in that it remains light (ie: keep a hat and a splashproof shell on – but no need for waterproofs). We’re pleased though when the path turns to the right and we start to descend, this is quite an easy walk, but our legs are beginning to complain about the tougher walk the day before. The descent is easy, with the odd good view of the Glen Affric opening up to the west, and we are soon back at the car.



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