#13 Haigh

10 10 2010
10th October 2010
with Mrs NLW
6.4 miles
Explorer 276 (Bolton, Wigan & Warrington)
Sunny, breezy

A rare weekend walk for me, prompted by the absolute dirth of sporting action this weekend. The day started badly due to roadworks in Standish, the road was completley closed, and no diversion was in place so we had to reroute via Wigan which added a good 20 minutes to the journey.

From the starting carpark we immediately ignored the book and proceeded along a dismantled railway track up until we met the Leeds-Liverpool canal, and then followed that south towards what the book refers to as the Crawford Arms (now called ‘Bridge 63’). We follow the tow-path for a couple of miles. It’s a gorgeous day with bright sunlight and whilst the breeze is stiff at times, it’s not a cold wind at all.


Gates to Haigh Country Park


We reach Bridge 60 which is the maindrive for Haigh Country Park and turn south west towards Wigan, and follow Hall Lane as it descends across the disused railway and the River Douglas before rising to the A49. We only spend a couple of minutes on the A49 before we re-enter the country park via the main entrance. The wide drive drops through thick plantation back tot he Douglas, and then climbs and winds its way steadily back toward Bridge 60. There are lots of dog walkers and cyclists about today on what may prove to be the last clement weekend of the year.

This time we cross Bridge 60 and continue up the main drive, leaving it on a woodland path which rejoins the drive 5 minutes later. Shortly afterwards we emerge from the thick plantation into bright sunlight and see the manicure approach to Haigh Hall. We pass a miniature railway and walk up to the hall where there is a wedding in progress, a remember reading something earlier in the week that said there were a lot of weddings planned for today as it is 10/10/10. Not sure whay exactly, surely it couldn’t be just to help the grooms remember the date?

Beyond the hall is a block containing a cafe and visitor centre, we eat our lunch on a picnic table outside. Mrs NLW had bought me a fine ‘Gamekeepers pie’ from Waitrose, it was fantastic! After lunch we walk through the carpark and along School Lane where there is a good view to Rivington and Winter Hill to the east. A few hundred yards later we turn down a lane towards the west and this time the excellent view is that of  Shevington Vale and Parbold Hill. This lane drops back to the canal and it is then a short walk retracing our steps back to the car.



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