#12 Sabden & Spence Moor

5 03 2011
5th March 2011
5.8 miles
Explorer OL21 (South Pennines)
Foggy, cold

Fog on Spence Moor

An early start for me on a rare Saturday walk. I parked up at the village car park in Sabden around 8am, a handy little car park (90p for 4 hrs) with decent toilet facilities. The walk started by walking up through the village towards St.Nicholas’ church before heading uphill towards the idyllic Badger Wells Cottages. A path alongside a stream to the side of the main terrace leads onto the edge of the moor, and climbs gently but steadily up Calf Hill.

As the path rounds Calf Hill, still beneath the highest part of the ridge a gap in the wall shows Churn Clough reservoir below. here I can see the morning’s fog sitting on top of my goal – Deerstones, and all across the top of the moor. The path cuts across the hill now, crossing another stream and across the top edge of a plantation. A group of fell runners pass me and head further east into the plantation as I turn north, uphill towards Deerstones, using my walking poles to help power me up the steep peaty path.

Sabden from Lower Lane

As the path levels out I notice the fog rolling oon an off the ridge to the west, and covering Sabden beneath me. I follow the path round the back of Deerstones, here I am all alone, visibility is down to about 100 yards which is better than I thought it would be. I follow a large wall to a stile and then tramp across the top of the moor and onto a large ladder stile, after the stile I follow a very boggy path through a field descending towards the east, I should have worn my gaiters as I end up with soaked calves. At the end of this field I look back and notice ruefully that the fog has lifted from the top of the moor that I have just left! I make a slight detour up to the top of the spur to see just how close to Pendle Hill and Upper Ogden Reservoir I am (see Walk #22 Pendle Hill 19/03/11, the very first walk I did).

I then cut back downhill to the south, using my sticks again to steady myself on the steep descent, the walk gives me the option of descending in the woodland around Cock Clough, but, due to the wet ground I opt for the field alongside it. I reach the yard of Lower Lane Farm and then follow Lower Lane to the west passing a number of farms, the path heads briefly north back into the nape of the hill at Ratten Clough to skirt close to Stainscomb house, and then heads west again via more farms before dropping down back into Sabden by the church.

A pleasant walk, probably worth doing again in better weather.



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