Offlist Walk: Duncansby Stacks

4 09 2011
4th September 2011
1.7 miles
Explorer 451 (Thurso & John o’Groats)

Geo of Sclaites

I wouldn’t normally post a walk of this ease or length, but it’s worth taking note of, and the pictures are worthy of sharing.

The day after our damp walk up Ben Bhraggie was a surprisingly glorious day, during which we took the opportunity to visit Dunnet Head, the Castle of Mey, John o’Groats and Duncansby Head. John o’Groats is a bit of a dump but the rest of the places we visited were well-worth the effort.

We parked at Duncansby Head with its views over Pentland Skerries to the Orkneys, and followed the crowds (not masses – but enough to follow) over the grassy paths southwards first towards the Gio of Sclaites ( a large inlet showing rock strata, and housing thousands of seabirds). From there we follow the paths further south following the bends of the cliff-tops until we come level with the Duncansby Stacks. We saw a number of gulls and kittiwakes nesting on the stacks and gliding around them, no seals or puffins though. I got the impression one could walk further along the cliff path, but we returned to the car via almost the same route.

The Knee, with Muckle Skerry beyond



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